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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Funding

On August 2nd South Pierce Fire and Rescue voters will be asked to renew the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) levy for the next 6 years.  The EMS levy will expire at the end of the year if not renewed by the voters.  This is not a new tax; voters in South Pierce Fire and Rescue have supported this levy since 1979. 

The EMS Levy provides funds to operate and maintain emergency vehicles and staffing Firefighter EMT's and Firefighter Paramedics.  Well trained and equipped EMS responders supported by this levy afford our citizens a better chance of survival and continued good health when medical emergencies happen.  The care provided by our EMS responders, before the patient reaches the hospital, is an important link in the “chain of survival.” With levy support the district is able to provide (BLS) Basic Life Support and (ALS) Advanced Life Support service and transport to local hospitals. 

Call volumes for South Pierce Fire and Rescue have increased 14 percent since 2012.  In 2015, the district responded to 2,564 emergency calls.  More than 75% of those calls are for medical emergencies.

Because of this EMS levy, citizens of the district also receive the benefits of being part of a membership plan that provides emergency transport service to local hospitals without incurring out of pocket expenses for transport fees.

Without the support of this levy service to our citizens would be curtailed and staffing would have to be cut, because the EMS levy provides 25% of the District’s total operating budget. 

Since 2004 South Pierce Fire and Rescue has provided 24/7 well trained and professional paramedic services.  The funds provided by this levy are a key component to sustaining an effective emergency service model to our citizens.  



It is the mission of South Pierce Fire and Rescue to protect lives, property and the environment through training, fire prevention and community education.

The District will continue to improve in response, training and prevention while holding the community's needs as the highest priority.


We honor the traditions of our organization and community. 

We have a firm adherence to a code of moral values and consistently do the right thing. 

We are committed every day to be our very best. 



South Pierce Fire and Rescue No. 17 is a dynamic department staffed by exceptionally well-trained and dedicated fire and EMS professionals proudly providing the very best in emergency response services to the following communities: 

  • Town of Eatonville
  • City of Roy
  • Clear Lake
  • Harts Lake
  • Lacamas
  • La Grande
  • McKenna                                          
  • Ohop 
  • Unicorporated Roy
  • Unincorporated Eatonville

 2016 First Aid/CPR Schedule
March 19 Station   84 Eatonville
April 30 Station 171 Roy
May 14 Station 173 Lacamas
July 30 Station 175 Eatonville
September 3 Station 172 Harts Lake Valley
November 5 Station 174 Roy

First Aid/CPR courses are FREE to District Residents. NON-RESIDENTS $35.

If you are interested in signing up for a course, please contact us at cpr@spfr.org or 253-847-4333.

Be sure to include:
-The full name of each registered student
-Email address
-Phone number
-AM/PM class preference   

We hope that you find our web site informative and valuable. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for visiting!

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