Serving the community with Honor, Integrity & Pride

Serving the community with Honor, Integrity & Pride


Burn season is open from October 5th, 2020 to July 15th, 2021. All terms and conditions detailed on the Outdoor Burning page apply.

Please be aware that our fire stations are still closed to the public during COVID-19. You must apply for your permit online.


Protect lives, property, and the environment through effective response, compassionate service, and community involvement.


By promoting growth and professionalism, we will:

  • Ensure personnel have quality training and tools for effective job performance
  • Continually work to earn the respect and support of the community and fire service
  • Foster and maintain a labor/management relationship where collaborative decisions are made
  • Promote and maintain a healthy and safe work environment
  • Honor our traditions while embracing change
  • Commit to supporting the professional development of career and volunteer members
  • Welcome radical transparency 
  • Be good stewards of department resources


Through honor, integrity, and pride, we shall conduct ourselves with:


Concerned more with the needs of others than one’s self (mentorship, compassion).


The desire and willingness to go above and beyond the community’s expectations (excellence).


Strength of mind, courage, moral strength, overcoming fear (integrity).


Feeling of deep admiration for someone and/or something (ownership, honest communication).

Public Records and Forms

Honor, Integrity and Pride in all we do

South Pierce Fire and Rescue No. 17 is a dynamic department staffed by exceptionally well-trained and dedicated fire and EMS professionals proudly providing the very best in emergency response services to the following communities: 

  • Town of Eatonville

  • City of Roy

  • Clear Lake

  • Harts Lake

  • Lacamas

  • La Grande

  • McKenna

  • Ohop 

  • Unicorporated Roy

  • Unincorporated Eatonville

2020 First Aid/CPR Schedule

Sunday, March 15th

1pm – 5pm

Saturday, May 16th 

8am – 5pm

Saturday, July 18th

8am – 5pm

Saturday, November 14th

8am - 5pm

First Aid/ CPR courses are $35 for residents and non-residents.

If you are interested in signing up for a course, please contact us at or (253) 847-4333.

Be sure to include:

  • The full name of each registered student
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Class preference

In the event of an emergency,

please call 911 for immediate emergency assistance.

You may email any questions or concerns that you may have. Please allow 24 business hours for a response.