October 1, 2017 
July 15, 2018


It is the Mission of the South Pierce Fire and Rescue Cadet Program to provide a realistic experience that will familiarize the youth of our community to career opportunities within the fire service as well as other related fields. 


The South Pierce Fire and Rescue Cadet Program was established in December 2003 by Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 17 and the Roy Police Department as a joint police/fire explorer post. As with many new programs, there were challenges. In January 2005, the Roy Police Department withdrew. Fire Station 171, located in Roy, WA became the home base for the new all-fire program with its small membership of five cadets.  It soon relocated to Harts Lake Valley Road to make Station 172 its program headquarters. Since 2005, the program has progressed to a membership of 20 youth.

At this time,
uniformed cadets have the use of assigned Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), a fire
 engine and have made several improvements to Station 172 Headquarters to facilitate the ever-expanding program.

Cadets are taught basic training in firefighting. However, it does not stop there.  These youth are held accountable in maintaining a "C" or above grade point average. The program stresses that education is the key to success, along with determination and a “never quit” attitude.  

Through classroom instruction, hands-on training and volunteer work, our cadets are provided a base of knowledge and experience that can benefit them not only in fire service, but all future endeavors.  This is accomplished under the umbrella of fire safety practices and exceptional customer service.  Our cadets experience and learn pride in the community, pride in themselves, self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others,  confidence to set and accomplish personal goals as well as the ability to work as a team to achieve goals. They are also taught the value of good work ethics, the magnitude in the core values of family and community while honing social and academic skills. This is all in preparation for life...whether it be as a firefighter or any other occupation.

Cadets are presented with the opportunity to advance to leadership positions within the program where they are encouraged to develop interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills. 

The program strengthens relations between the public, the fire community and its youth.  We accomplish this in several ways: 
  • Provide a positive interaction between firefighters and the youth which might not otherwise happen.
  • Provide positive roll models for the youth.
  • Give youth an opportunity to be leaders in their communities thereby giving them skills to become more productive citizens.
  • Give youth the opportunity to actively provide service to their community.
  • Help firefighters to better understand the needs of the community they serve and protect by establishing positive relationships with the people who live in the community.
  • It encourages youth to follow proper procedures in work and in the school environment.

Today, the Cadet Progbram is associated with the Boy Scouts of America as Explorer Post 403. Meetings are conducted from 1800 hours to 2100 hours (6:00pm – 9:00pm) every Thursday evening at Fire Station 172, located at 39901 Harts Lake Valley Road south, near Wilcox Farms, Southeast of Roy.


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