October 1, 2017 
July 15, 2018

Letter from Sr Advisor


It is the Mission of the South Pierce Fire and Rescue Cadet Program to provide a realistic experience that 
will familiarize the youth of our community to career 
opportunities within the fire service as well as other 
related fields. 

South Pierce Fire and Rescue established the Cadet Program for the purpose of giving back to our community.  Our youth are being bombarded today, with all sorts of negative influences.  When a kid doesn’t have anything worthwhile to do, there’s a high probability of doing something that may not have his/her best interest at heart.  When I was a kid it fell under the heading of, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”.   

Our Cadet Program offers a positive peer group led by carefully selected adviser-firefighters who serve as good role models. It is open to young adults (both male and female) ages 14 (who have completed the eighth grade) and 21 years of age.  The Cadets are taught basic training in firefighting which include CPR/First Aid, hose handling, pump operations, search and rescue.  However, it does not stop there.  These youth are held accountable to maintain a strong “C” or above grade point average, as well as the core values of Family and Community, Social and Academic skills and the value of good work ethics. This is all in preparation for life whether it is as a Firefighter or any other occupation.  The Cadets have the use of an assigned engine and the use of (PPE) personal protective equipment (firefighter gear and breathing apparatus).

Throughout the year our Cadets do a range of community service and fund raisers to help pay for various functions and events. Each spring we train and compete with other cadet programs in a yearly Cadet Fire Muster. There is also a week-long fire academy held in Seattle which cadets can have a chance of attending.

Our Cadets also learn leadership skills as an officer through program advancement based upon their efforts, skills, and personal achievements.  We actually have career firefighters/paramedics and volunteer firefighters/EMTs that began as Cadets in this very program as they worked their way toward their own dream of one day operating in the field of fire service.

Our objective is to build useful and stable citizens who are aware of their own potential and self-worth through learning, developing, and mastering new skills, maintaining a strong work ethic, acquiring self-confidence and poise, along with citizenship training and personal fitness.

Our regular meeting is Thursday from 1800 to 2100 hours (6-9p.m.).  I am extending my personal invitation to you.  Come and check us out – see if you would like to join in our adventure. We are also affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America’s “Learning for Life Program”.


Best Regards,

Senior Adviser

SPFR Cadet Program                       
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