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Against Committee

Against Committee:

South Pierce Fire and Rescue’s Board of Fire Commissioners is seeking Pierce County registered voters to become appointed members of a “Against” committee to prepare arguments advocating voters’ rejection of measure Proposition No. 1 re-authorizing regular property tax levies of fifty cents or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation for six years to continue providing emergency medical services. This committee will prepare “Against” and Rebuttal statement(s) to be submitted to the county.

The committee shall have no more than three members pursuant to RCW 29A.32.280. Any applicant for this appointment must be a resident and registered voter of Pierce County for at least one year immediately prior to appointment.


Please submit your statement of interest in writing to by 10:00 am on Monday August 1st, 2022. Your statement of interest should demonstrate your ability to communicate rapidly by email and your agreement to work collaboratively with co-committee members.